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Biniés Gorge

The Biniés Gorge is a spectacular canyon situated between Berdún and Ansó, which has been designated as a Site of Community Importance (LIC). It has an area of 166 hectares spread over the municipal areas of Ansó, Berdún and Hecho. This magnificent gorge of the Veral river has an interesting ecosystem and is a spectacular sight, with its imposing and impressive walls of solid rock.

Otters and the South-west European Nase can be found in this area along with Lammergeiers and Egyptian Vultures. It is ideal for these species with its mixed and deciduous forests lining the slopes alongside common and holm oaks. The most surprising aspect of the gorge’s ecosystem is the presence of Mediterranean vegetation in Eurosiberian climactic conditions.

The canyon has been sculpted over the centuries by the River Veral as it passes over the limestone rocks, resulting in one of the most beautiful gorges in the entire Pyrenean range. 200 metre-high stone walls contrast with narrow openings to create an impressive whole. This diversity gives rise to a wealth of landscapes and climates, which vary constantly depending on the amount of sunshine they receive.

Anso Tourist Office . [ Jacetania ]

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